Mr. Anderson


BARMAN!!! Vodka for me and…uh…
What was your name again?
No matter…Vodka for me and my friend here!

Oh…you may call me Mr. Anderson.

Yes, yes…just like movie.
It is funny story how I get name actually.
Well…maybe not so funny, but good story all same.
We shall drink and I will tell you how I become Mr. Anderson.
You see…I am smart…very smart.
I finish secondary school at age twelve.
Go to university for engineering. Finish by sixteen.
I leave home to continue studying engineering.

Home? For me, is small house in St. Petersburg.

Yes…yes…I lived with my parents. Mila and Piter.

My father worked in steel mill his whole life.
Mother stayed home to take care of me and brothers.

Oh…my brothers they follow in father’s footsteps.
I guess, I am…so you say…black sheep of family. HA!
Mother was worried that her boy was leaving, but father was glad.
Anyway…enough of that.
I went off to UK to study at Cambridge.
Is beautiful campus, Cambridge, and ancient.
So much to see and do there.
Bah…I am getting distracted.
BARMAN!!! More vodka!

You see…I studied with some of greatest minds in world at Cambridge.
I specialized in both materials and electrical engineering.
I was greatly interested in superconductors, and I wanted to be one to solve that puzzle.
I finish my studies and return to Russia…it is home to me.
I am not worried about finding job at first…just enjoying being home.
But one day I am approached by man in uniform.
He say that he wishes to recruit me.
That I could do great work with his organization.
We went over some logistics.
Words like autonomy and blank check were used, and I agreed.
Little else was explained, but I was young and stupid, and I felt that this was what I was wanting.
Turns out that what I was wanting was not what I was getting.
But for first few years everything was great.
I was doing good research that was precisely in my field of interest.
Solving thermodynamic restrictions of superconductors was within my grasp.
Possibilities were endless.
I decided to move down one of those possibilities and delve into human digital interfacing.
Is very interesting research!
You see problem with this technology is brains are not digital. They are analog.
And there must be conversion in order for two to properly communicate.
But…conversions take time…and that time leads to bottleneck.
Instructions from brain would pile up and convertor would shut down.
If person just thought slowly it would work.
But we wanted an improvement to human brain, and person thinking slower is not improvement.
This is point where organization that I work for steps in.
They catch wind of what it is that I am working on and are very excited.
They are talking about what an amazing innovation it is.
How it will change lives.
And they want me to devote all of my time to solving this problem.
They give me large team of assistants.
One of them…Julia…was best by far.

Oh…she was brilliant…and beautiful.
She seemed almost as capable of solving this problem as I.
And I knew that with us working together we would accomplish our goals.

Yes…you are right…I was in love.

Of course we got married.

One child…Aria.
БЛЯДЬ…again with distractions.
BARMAN!!! Another!
With Julia working with me we found that material I was working on for superconductors was key.
It is special composite of carbon and silicate.
Layer upon layer of two dimensional lattices each weaved together perfectly.
Then manipulated with electric current to create uniform single-crystalline structure
It is that last step though that really set it apart.
By manipulating electrical current during crystallization…different properties emerged.
We found that it could be made into near perfect electrical superconductor at body temperature.
Then by changing current slightly, it becomes thermal superconductor.
And if crystallization chamber is flooded with boron instead of argon it becomes semiconductor.
This material, and method of forming it we found, was answer to all of our problems.
Using this material, bottleneck problem was solved.
You see…with superconductor information transfer to, within, and from convertor becomes faster.
And with buffered loop of information processors it can create more conversions at same time.
Organization leaders were very happy.
They tell me to begin work on prototype immediately.
Their enthusiasm seemed almost suspect to me.
And my suspicions became justified.
Strange things began to happen after I reported that successful prototype was close.
People changed departments randomly.
Security became much more rigid.
And autonomy was long past dream.
I decided to research to see if leaders had different plans for my work than what was in reports.
What I found at first did not seem too bad.
They wished to put neural digital interface implant in every soldier in military.
They believed that if all soldiers could communicate securely and instantly, battles would be safer.
Also that if pilots could react more quickly by using this device tactical flights would be safer.
That all seemed ok to me, but I soon found out that they had additional plans for my work.
They wanted to put bastardized version of this device in every citizen in Russia.
One that would only receive instructions.
Instead of people giving instructions to computers…it would be computer giving instructions to people.
They wanted to create populace that was completely controllable!
I was horrified!
I could not allow this to happen!
But I also could not stop my work.
I was so close.
I decided that once prototype was made I would take it someplace safe and destroy all my records.
And then one day…I succeeded.
I made stable interface.
I began to set my plans in motion, but it soon became clear that it was impossible.
Security had become so tight that there was no way for me to leave with my device.
Or so I thought…
I decided that in order to escape I would have to implant it in myself!
It was simple enough procedure.
I stole nanobots from adjoining lab and programmed them to attach device to my neural tissue.
Entire process was complete in few minutes.
Now only thing left was to destroy all remaining notes and research.
There was never any paper trail here…everything was digital.
They thought it was safer since this facility was not connected to outside world through internet.
They thought there was no risk of hacking.
They were wrong!
I interfaced with core memory of entire facility and set it on fire!
In manner of speaking…
Confusion was everywhere!
And in this confusion I was able to escape.
I left Russia and came to America.
After 2 months I still felt nervous though…like they would find me where ever I go.
On one particularly bad day I decided to calm my nerves.
I saw movie playing at old cinema.
And that movie…that movie is how I got my name.
I had never seen it before!
It was brilliant!
Even in world where all humans are connected to machines and controlled one person still fights back.
And in this world…I am that person.
I will not allow anyone to accomplish what I have tried so hard to avoid!
And I will do anything to keep that future from becoming reality.
БЛЯДЬ…that was quite interesting story no?
More vodka is needed.
BARMAN!!! Just leave bottle this time!

Is nice suit no?
Made from same material too.

HA! just because I am no longer working for that organization does not mean my research has stopped.

No…Julia was not around for all of that.
She died giving birth.

Yes, it was…
Aria was motivation for why I did what I did.
I could not allow my daughter to become slave.
She is all I have left now.

I went home first thing after escaping and I found that my mother, father, and brothers were all dead.
Obviously sent as symbol.
They want my device back.
And they will do whatever it takes to get it.
They have Aria, but they will not kill her.
They know that if they do I will be man with nothing to lose.
And there is nothing more dangerous than that.
So they will keep her from me, but alive.
And I will stay here until I can find way to save her and destroy those that took her.

It was her birthday last week.
She turned 14.

С днем рождения, любовь моя.

Where is that barman?
Дерьмо…this place got empty.

W…where did everyone go?

Wha…what did you say your name was again?

Mr. Anderson

Gotham: Knight's End TheDirector Androvsky