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Outsiders #1: Down the Rabbit Hole (Sessions 1 & 2)
Five strangers find themselves at gun point during a Gotham-wide epidemic, under surveillance by a mysterious hacker, and in the middle of a kidnapping attempt by the murderous Wonderland Gang.

Outsiders #2: Mark of the Beast (Session 3)
Saving Ming Su Lin leads to the arrival of a dangerous mystery man in Gotham, nightmares for Jackie, the ransom of Sierra’s nephew, and a critical choice for Mr. Anderson.

Outsiders #3: Waking Madness (Sessions 4 &5)
Rioting threatens to tear Gotham apart while the crew tracks down the Wonderland Gang; Sierra makes a critical choice concerning her and Grayson’s future.

G:KE is played using the Blood of Heroes: Special Edition rule set published by Pulsar Entertainment (2000) and uses properties owned by DC Comics.

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